Adoption status: Adopted, thank you!

60 North Washington Street
Tarrytown , NY
Group name: Other (please explain in comments)
Items needed: Masks, Hand sanitizer (will be from community collection),Gloves (from community collection),Ear savers (for mask elastics)
Features needed: Filter pocket (needed for standalone masks) No filter pocket (masks will be 2 layers of fabric, okay for casual use, waiting rooms) Nose wire/support sewn in (for masks that will always be used alone) child sizing Ear loops (usually elastic) Over the head loops (loop around the back of the neck and a single tie at top) Tie/loop material: elastic Tie/loop material: soft, stretchy fabric
Quantity masks needed: 100
Mask patterns accepted: Any pattern is fine
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Dropoff
Will pay for supplies: No

Dropoff instructions:

Front porch please.

My greatest need for masks is those that smaller children will actually wear. The sanitizer and gloves are for vulnerable and medically complex members of the community. I am a community liaison fulfilling diverse urgent needs and run the largest community Facebook group in Westchester County.
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