Pros of this pattern:

  • Developed with doctor input
  • nose wire
  • pocket for filter
  • nonwoven lining

Cons of this pattern:

more complex to sew

The design and materials suggested in the attached pattern are a result of input from a medical doctor who is working directly with COVID-19 patients at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City.
Two things that he felt were very important are that it include wire over the nose and a in non-woven fabric lining sewn into the mask.  
There is also a pocket to allow someone to insert an additional filter if they want to. 

Here is a link to find the pattern online. Thank you to for developing and sharing it!

DISCLAIMER: Your use of this website implies that you understand that there is NO guarantee that any product or service that you might acquire here will protect you from harm. Most of the patterns linked to from this website will create masks for use OVER medical-grade masks. They are not to be worn on their own.

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