Citizens Options Unlimited, Intensive Care Facility

Adoption status: Not adopted yet

Please ask for contact and delivery address for this request.

Group name: Immunocompromised/Senior community
Items needed: Masks, Gloves (from community collection), Face shields
Features needed or accepted:
Quantity masks needed: 20
Mask patterns accepted: Korean 3D pattern (top recommended easy pattern)
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Dropoff, Mail, Will collect
Will pay for supplies: Maybe

Dropoff instructions:

This can be dropped off to me in House A. Monday-Friday, 9-5.

We have several confirmed cases of Corona Virus here at the ICF which puts everyone at risk. We’re unable to properly isolate the infected persons and are doing the best we can with what we are given. We are hoping to stop the spread as it can quickly move from one person to the next and our population cannot fight this off. Any help would be appreciated.
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