Ear Savers Crew

Location: Danbury
State: CT
Items supplied: Other (please describe below)
Ear Savers/Mask extenders
Looking for:
More hospitals or institutions who need help, Supplies and Materials, Donations, Ways to spread the word about our group
Dropoff Locations:

About Us:

Our group started as whisper and turned into a roar. It started with 1 FB post asking for buttons and if anyone needs ear savers, and just days later we had 30+ people. We have 5 generations of people working together to make this happen. Our youngest member is only 8 yrs old. We have helped over 1,000 people, and are looking to help thousands more. We have commitments to several hospitals, and stores already, and are looking to add more to our list. The Ear Savers crew is a dedicated bunch! We have grown so big that we had to start a gofundme account to help us get much needed supplies. If you would like to donate, please visit gf.me/u/x2hmm6 or contact Holly Broderick at hollybhealthy@gmail.com. Thanks so much!
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