Hopeville Food Pantry

Adoption status: Adopted, thank you!

160 Piedmont St Waterbury, CT 06706
Group name: Essential services (public)
Items needed: Masks Hand sanitizer (will be from community collection) Gloves (from community collection)
Features needed: Filter pocket (needed for standalone masks) No filter pocket (masks will be 2 layers of fabric, okay for casual use, waiting rooms) No nose wire/support (for masks used as covers for N95s or surgical masks) Nose wire/support sewn in (for masks that will always be used alone) Extra large sizing (men) Regular adult sizing (women) Ear loops (usually elastic) Over the head ties (one cloth tie on each corner)
Quantity masks needed: 20
Mask patterns accepted:
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Will collect
Will pay for supplies: No

Dropoff instructions:

We will be at the Foodbank Thursday the 14th and Tuesday the 19 th of May. We can pick them up . If not ready notify us and we will make a trip up Wallingford. . Can call phone number on form or email.
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