JCCA Pleasantville Cottage Campus

Adoption status: No more masks needed, thank you!

Please see below for other needs

1075 Broadway
Pleasantville, NY
Group name: Essential services (public)
Items needed: Masks, Gowns
Features needed or accepted:
Quantity masks needed: 300
Mask patterns accepted: "Deaconess" mask cover: simplest but has no filter pocket or nose support
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Dropoff Mail
Will pay for supplies: No

Dropoff instructions:

Can be sent to me in Pleasantville or dropped off with the guard at the entrance to the campus. Please notify me of delivery method, and if drop off, when they will be dropped off.

JCCA’s Pleasantville Cottage Campus is a structured, residential treatment center that helps children with serious emotional, behavioral, and family problems. Most of our children come from backgrounds of chronic neglect, and many have experienced abuse and trauma. JCCA’s staff provide safety, structure and a host of counselling and support services to help youth resolve their difficulties so they can return to their communities, families, or caring foster homes as soon as possible. The Pleasantville campus is shared by four distinct residential treatment programs that together serve 200 troubled and traumatized youth.

We have an incredible staff of people that work in the cottages directly caring for the children, a team of healthcare professionals who care for the all health and medical aspects for our children, a safety team, supervising and ensuring their safety, clinicians who are counseling the children through these difficult times, a recreation staff who ensure that the children are engaged and an administrative staff, who keep the campus ticking every day.

the children and staff all need protection
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