Jericho Partnership

Adoption status: Adopted, thank you!
22 Maple Avenue #3 Danbury, CT 06810
Group name: Essential services (public)
Items needed: Masks Hand sanitizer (will be from community collection) Gloves (from community collection)
Features needed: No preference: we'll take anything
Quantity masks needed: 30
Mask patterns accepted: Any pattern is fine
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Dropoff Mail Will collect
Will pay for supplies: Maybe

Dropoff instructions:

There is a donation bin outside of our entranceway door that faces our parking lot.
As the pandemic continues, and as we anticipate continued need for PPE, we will continue to need masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, some of which will be used by our clients, who also volunteer at our food pantry to feed hungry residents of Danbury, CT. Obviously, we did not budget for such needs, so purchasing them places an unexpected strain on our budget.
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