Key Human Services

Adoption status: Not adopted yet

Please ask for contact and delivery address for this request.

Group name: Hospital/health care provider (private)
Items needed: Masks, Gowns, Hand sanitizer (will be from community collection), Gloves (from community collection), Face shields, Caps ear savers (for mask elastics)
Features needed or accepted:
Quantity masks needed: 1650
Mask patterns accepted: Olson pattern (top recommended but harder to sew; fitted with filter pocket and nose support)
Quantity other items needed: 1200
Other items:
Delivery choices: Dropoff Mail Will collect
Will pay for supplies: Maybe

Dropoff instructions:

Key Human Services supports individuals with disabilities in community based homes. Our staff need protective equipment to reduce risk while providing safe and consistent care to these individuals. We appreciate your support for our essential workers!
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