Pros of this pattern:

Very fast and easy, uses one rectangle of folded cloth

Can be used as an N95 cover, or alone as a mask with a filter

Good fit for chin

filter pocket

Uses less fabric: 27 masks out of 3 yards!

New revised pattern!

See  Tri-State Mask Making group slideshow for a more thorough discussion 


Cons of this pattern:

Sizing  of original pattern runs small; use dimensions in second video for some American adults.

Must use with filter for solo use; otherwise, use as a cover.

Tips: cut the fabric  2″ taller (i.e. 14″ x 10″) and instead of sewing in the ties, fold over the edges to make a casing.  Also, use t-shirt ties.

The following method uses only one piece of cloth, folded over.  

 According to the information included: 

Required Fabric Size 34cm x 20cm The length of the rubber band is 23cm. It sticks close to the nose without wires.

4 years old 27.5 cm * 17.5 cm/11″ x  7″

6 years old 28 cm x 18 cm/11″ x 7″

Elementary Low 30cm * 20cm/12″ x  8″

Adult women 34~35cm * 20cm~ 21cm/14″ x 8″

Adult male 35cm * 21cm”/14″ x 8.25″

These measurements are probably on the small side for Americans.  The V shaped notch (dart) allows a fit over the chin.  

A nose piece (short piece of wire like a folded pipe cleaner, twist tie, or coffee bag seal)  can be sewn into the fabric at top, though it is not part of the pattern. See the featured image for this pattern for Tri -State Mask Making Group’s tips.

The second video makes a larger mask.

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