Life Protective Services

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12 ROOSEVELT AVE Rye, NY 10580
Group name: Vulnerable community (immunocompromised, senior center, homeless shelter)
Items needed: Masks
Features needed: No preference: we'll take anything
Quantity masks needed: Ongoing need, as many as possible
Mask patterns accepted: Any pattern is fine
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices:
Will pay for supplies: Maybe

Dropoff instructions:

Can potentially collect or drop off, whichever is convenient
Life Protective Services has been providing much needed healthy food and sanitation supplies to residents of Mt. Vernon who are suffering through the coronavirus pandemic. Many live in environments that make socially distancing very difficult, and don't have means to purchase or access to masks. Another group, Sew Happy, provided 100 masks last week, which were distributed with this weekends food distribution. They were very grateful for the donations.
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