Mamaroneck EMS

Adoption status: Not adopted yet

Please ask for contact and delivery address for this request.

Group name: Hospital/health care provider
Items needed: Masks, Gowns
Features needed or accepted:
Quantity masks needed: 30
Mask patterns accepted: Only factory manufactured (no handmade items)
Quantity other items needed: 100
Other items:
Delivery choices: Will collect
Will pay for supplies:

Dropoff instructions:

Please do not drop off at the EMS. If you have materials, email and a worker will come pick up and sterilize them before bringing them to the station.

As stated above, Mamaroneck EMS is a volunteer ambulance corps. operating in the Village of Mamaroneck. We have completely run out of gowns for our volunteers to use on suspected Covid19 calls and we are running dangerously low on n95 masks.

Update: Mamaroneck EMS has located a source of hand sanitizer, so they are okay on that front. But their usual source of N95s and gowns are completely out of stock, so they will have to search for another place to buy them out of their funds. What we can do for them is:
1) Donate to them through their link. They are a 501c3 charity so your donations are tax deductible.
2) Help find a source to buy N95s and gowns. Unfortunately there may be surge pricing on anything we find domestically.
3) We're waiting to see whether they can approve the use of cloth masks to protect the lifespan of N95s, but we can continue to sew cloth masks in case. If they're not needed we can donate to one of the many other medical response groups waiting for them.
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