Mt. Sinai morgue./transport team.

Adoption status: Adopted, thank you!
ny , NY
Group name: Hospital/health care provider (private)
Items needed: Masks
Features needed: Filter pocket (needed for standalone masks) No filter pocket (masks will be 2 layers of fabric, okay for casual use, waiting rooms) No nose wire/support (for masks used as covers for N95s or surgical masks) Removable nose wire (masks that may be used either as covers or standalone) Ear loops (usually elastic) Over the head ties (one cloth tie on each corner) Over the head loops (loop around the back of the neck and a single tie at top) Tie/loop material: elastic Tie/loop material: soft, stretchy fabric Tie/loop materia: nonstretchy ribbons or cloth tape Extra large sizing
Quantity masks needed: 75 non-surgical cloth masks for MEN
Mask patterns accepted: Any pattern is fine
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Dropoff
Will pay for supplies:

Dropoff instructions:

Once made I will be able to find the perfect person and location to hand off the donation. thank you
The very dedicated and overworked morgue and transport team for all of the Mt. Sinai Hospital systems (4 hospitals in NYC) need NON SURGICAL masks for their commute. They are over burdened and dont have the means or time to get proper gear for their commute. We need to be safe everywhere we go! Looking specifically for bigger size masks for MEN> thank you
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