Opengate Residential facility

Adoption status: No more masks needed, thank you!

Please see below for other needs
29 Warren Street
Somers, NY
Group name: Hospital/health care provider
Items needed: Gowns
Features needed or accepted:
Quantity masks needed:
Mask patterns accepted:
Quantity other items needed: 50
Other items:
Delivery choices: DropoffMail
Will pay for supplies: No

Dropoff instructions:

I can be contacted if any gowns are available and depending on where they would be coming from, they could be mailed or dropped to our facility.

We have a staff of 200 and we are completely out of gowns. We are looking to secure any number of cloth gowns at this point so that our staff can have some sort of covering.
All vendors are unavailable, and our county DEP department is awaiting gowns as they are out also. We have a limited number of disposable gowns on order with them if and when they become available.
Any help would be appreciated.
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