Skilled Laborers Brigade
Location: Brooklyn
State: NY
Items supplied: Masks, Gowns
Looking for:
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Supplies and Materials
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About Us:

The Skilled Laborers Brigade organizes the labor YOU need to create any item. We are available to work and are ready to mobilize quickly.

Why us? Before the COVID-19 crisis, all our members were paid professional tradesmen within the fashion and entertainment industries. We represent a pool of over 450 skilled, credentialed professionals including tailors, cutters, pattern makers, seamstresses, stitchers, graphic artists, designers, and more. Most of our members even belong to trade unions! We can offer the skills for every step needed in the process of turning raw materials into finished products.

We are collaborating with other respected organizations across the country who have mobilized to create supplies including: The Lions Share, F.E.E.L. USA, and Open Jar Studios. Any items we can not produce, we will connect you with organizations who can.

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