Suffolk County Creators of COVID19 Medical Supplies
Location: Port Jefferson
State: NY
Items supplied: Masks, Face shields, Filters, Gowns
Looking for:
More hospitals or institutions who need help
Supplies and Materials
Organizational help (please specify)
Ways to spread the word about our group
Dropoff Locations:

About Us:

This group exists to share information about DIY supplies such as cloth masks, hand sanitizer, and face shields, and which medical, assisted living, etc facilities in Suffolk County are accepting supplies. This group is based on the Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies group, which created this incredible document that breaks down a lot of information and helps direct efforts. Please invite friends based in Suffolk County who are interested in busting out their sewing machines or otherwise using their maker skills, as detailed in this document and beyond, to help combat COVID19. Together, we can make a big difference for our neighbors and local healthcare providers!
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