The Bronx Defenders (for our low-income clients in the Bronx)

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Group name: Vulnerable community (immunocompromised, senior center, homeless shelter)
Items needed: Masks
Features needed or accepted:
Quantity masks needed: 1000
Mask patterns accepted:
Quantity other items needed:
Other items:
Delivery choices: Mail
Will pay for supplies:

Dropoff instructions:

We are the Bronx Defenders, Family Defense Practice. We represent parents in Bronx who are involved in the foster care and child welfare system. We currently serve around 2300 families in the Bronx, most of whom are low income black and brown parents.
New York has just extended its lockdown until May 15, 2020 and has made it a requirement for individuals going outside to wear face masks. It has also been reported that black and brown people are dying of coronavirus complications are rates more than twice their share of the population.
Our clients lack the financial means and resources to obtain face masks in order to perform the necessary tasks of going outside to get groceries. We have access to a large community of highly impacted and high-risk individuals who also are taking care of their families. The need is high and the impact of assistance can be great and immediate!!
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