Buttons on caps or headbands can give ears some relief from the elastics.

“SEWING TIPS!” from Lisa Boillot

  • Use cardboard form to pencil your rectangles on the fabric then cut!
  • We now need TWO sizes: 8”x11” and 6″ x 9” (both take 7” elastic)
  • Use 2 pieces masking tape on the table to measure off 7” in between and then measure elastic to snip
  • On 6×9 are fine with ONLY 2 PLEATS and you do NOT really need to pin down
  • But you need three pleats on the 8×11 size
  • all masks will be sterilized by the hospital upon arrival!

More tips from Jean

  • Some good material choices for the outer layer: a tight diagonal twill, or even better, cloth from anti-bacterial or allergy pillowcases or mattress covers
  • Cut one layer on the bias: it will be more comfortable, may be cut slightly smaller, and also the criss crossing threads will provide better filtering capacity.
  • Out of elastic? Cut spandex crosswise to get a stretchy and comfortable band. Or, use a pattern with ties.
  • Pleat a long piece of fabric lengthwise all at once, and then chop it into mask-length pieces
  • After the mask has been made, iron it to kill off some germs and drop it into a clean bag, handling as little as possible
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